Friends & Family

Happy Mother’s Day!

Carole added her cross to her wreath too.

Carole's cross

Marge’s cross makes a lovely addition to her “Quilt Wall”.


Mrs. Doris Findlay’s cross has moved around to various locations.


Madelyn added her cross to her beautiful wreath.



EPC Youth

EPC Youth had fun painting crosses and making chocolates for the Ladies of the Church for Mother’s Day.

Easter Photos from members


Hi from Bobby!


We are thrilled to see Sandy at home recovering with Mal.


Greetings from Marge showing her Faith Over Fear cross alongside her Easter lily


Hello from Cloteal


Hello from Catherine & Peaches

mom with Easter lily

Easter Greetings from Carole & David


from Dottie and Bob

Thank you to everyone who attended our 200 Year Homecoming Celebration!


Church members had a GREAT time handing out candy to Trick or Treaters on the avenue.

Ladies of the

Church enjoyed an outing to Trish Ann’s Tea Room in Haddock on February 7, 2017


Beautiful decorations for Christmas 2016

Rose Garden Dedication on October 4, 2016, in memory of Louise Poole

Presentation of Historical Marker at Homecoming on
September 25, 2016